An understanding of your architecture stems from an understanding of your own experiences. The founding Principal was born in Penang & educated in Brisbane, taking the opportunity to work extensively throughout Southeast Asia & drawn to Contemporary Resort design, working for and with international standard mentors since the late 80s.

This history is reflected in the fundamental elements of the architecture and planning applied.  Resort qualities of serenity and beauty learned from many of the best mentors as described, that spaces are to be experienced. Experienced within the fundamentals of the consideration of the flow of good energy ‘Li’ ‘Qi’ through and within the built spaces. It is understood that people have an emotional response to any space. The architectural forms, often a series of resort-like pavilions, within courts, gardens and other external spaces set against the private boundaries. In simple terms, the building and outdoor court spaces are given equal importance. This resort type strategy is used to generate the building form.