Aveling Street

The client wants to build their dream home, with the thought they have no particular type or design in mind. The design briefing and process starts with understanding the client, their family requirements,  needs and inspirations -a ‘wish list’ and is considered within the constraints of the budget and site.

Truth is the client knows what they want, it is the architect’s role to visualise this in the concept design process – First through a conceptual spatial diagram based on a list of spaces and requirements – drafted over a computer scale representation of the site and room sizes with built area, keeping budget in the process.


This diagram shows the flow and interconnection of spaces related to the site


From there floor plans are built in conjunction with the overall sectional heights. Which can quickly be represented in 3d form, if required.



Brutal Honesty

“Frankly, I think it’s the most bloody awful car I’ve ever driven.”

— Ken Richardson, BRM test driver, to Sir John Black, chairman of Standard-Triumph

Brutally honest feedback & may have upset quiet a few, who were in involved in the TR1 prototype development.

However, Sir John Black withheld the release of the TR1 to market & involved the brutally honest test driver in the development of TR2 more power, better handling and stronger chassis. Going on to market success and multiple LeMans class wins.

At C2 architecture we may be brutally honest, however it is the end result we are seeking.

Vin Diesel wrecks my buildings



You know when you have reached a high point .. This happened to me when The  Etihad Towers, my team based in Kuala Lumpur developed the design and documented for DBI design Australia- were smashed up in a hollywood movie. In this case smashed in CGI in Fast & Furious 7 & it felt great … believe it or not. Seeing the architecture on the big screen (yes getting wrecked)  made all those late nights reaching those deadlines all worth it.  Thanks Vin for wrecking stuff on FF7 and the team effort of DBI design & the KL project team, of which I am very happy to be part of.


niseko bistro


Update the Shiki Niseko resort has been completed and successfully operating for several seasons. I wish to thank the LOW YAT GROUP and Fairlane hospitality for allowing myself to assist in this process and congratulate the team.

Part of several peer reviews & inputs for a Luxury Ski Resort development, located in Niseko Japan. Concept was provided for leasehold tenants, as an exemplar, for a market place style bistro in the ground floor retail space.

Image courtesy of the shiki niseko webpage.